Why art lovers are embracing the subscription model

You love art, but your home is not a museum.

You’re not looking to buy a painting and leave it hanging on the wall for the next five generations to gawk at.

You want to enjoy the work. You want to be inspired by it.

You want art that enhances the space it’s in. Art that takes your breath away as you enter the room. Or maybe you desire a painting with depth and complexity, a work you can meditative over day after day.

If you’re creatively minded, you’re probably always on the lookout to try new things and to find new sources of inspiration.

Art isn’t fashion; it’s deeper and more enduring. But artistic production is constantly evolving, and chances are you want to discover new styles as they emerge as well as revel in established greats and old masters.

The fine art subscription model means you can now get fresh new art installed at your home or business, updating your collection as your needs (or your mood) changes.

Sounds great - but what a hassle?

If rebooting your art collection sounds like a lot of work, you can relax. Top-end art subscription services collect work when you’re done and deliver and install your new art in one seamless process.

All you have to do is choose your new art from a catalogue of fine works.

It’s almost ridiculously easy.

But art subscription makes building a great art collection a lot easier in lots of other ways, too.

For one, it’s more affordable. Buying fine art tends to involve a significant outlay, and not many can afford to buy all the work they really want. Even fewer can build a really great collection.

Art rental means there’s a much lower outlay, without compromising quality.

Art that matches your lifestyle

The art subscription model - at least when it’s done right - should make it easier for you to find world class art that speaks to you.

In fact, our passion for connecting collectors with artists they love was the driving force that led us to develop Image Swing.

Image Swing is a full-service art subscription company that brings beautiful African fine art to discerning clients in the United States and around the world.

We’re committed to cultivating new talent, and helping established artists connect with new markets.

We’re opening a whole new world of creative energy and talent to the next generation of art lovers.

And we want to help you find work that you love. Check out our remarkable collection of contemporary African art. Or speak to an Image Swing curator. We’ll find you beautiful work that fills you with wonder.