"the new normal"

Image Swing’s art subscription model helps you stay inspired, without stepping out the house

The Covid19 lockdown has been a time of meditation. A moment of calm, when we could finally reflect on what really matters in our lives.

Ridiculous, right? For most of us, lockdown means endless Zoom meetings, nonstop notifications, screaming kids and a whole lot of stress. 

However, for those lucky enough to have a serious art collection, spending more time at home did offer moments of inspiration. 

Great art is more than decoration, it moves us, it offers food for deep thought; at the same time, great art can thrill and delight.  

The good news is that you can now build your own serious art collection, without needing a serious bank balance (or serious contacts with art industry insiders).

Image Swing’s subscription model connects art lovers to the most exciting contemporary African art, at a price anyone can afford.

It works like this: choose from our Image Swing’s expertly curated catalogue of fine African contemporary art. For a modest monthly fee, the art will be delivered and installed directly at your home.

A better art model for the new normal

With remote work fast becoming the new normal, the Image Swing subscription model offers an indisputable advantage: you can build a great art collection and then mix it up as often as you like. That’s a real source of inspiration when you spend most of your day at home.

Simply swap out the art on your walls for something new from the Image Swing portfolio. Each artwork is a certified original, chosen according to the most stringent standards of quality and curatorial excellence. 

Besides, if you grow tired of a work (and we all need a change every now and then) you can simply choose something new. The only limits are your creativity. 

With the Image Swing subscription model, new art is delivered and installed directly at your home, as often as you want. 

If you can’t go to the museum…

As we take the sensible precaution of avoiding large gatherings and enclosed spaces, we risk losing some of the most vital parts of our cultural lives.

Nothing can replace the experience of museums and fine galleries, or the thrill of live performances, but that’s all the more reason to make our homes beautiful and inspiring places. 

As we spend more time working from home, we risk constant distraction from social media and business conversations.

Image Swing makes it possible for anyone to build a home collection of exciting, inspiring and profoundly interesting art.