We love art. We love the way it makes you feel, how it forces you to think, and the stories it tells. Whether you are a newbie, a seasoned collector, or somewhere in between, our experienced advisory team works closely with you. With us, art is no longer viewed as an unaffordable lifetime commitment, but rather as an exciting world with endless possibilities. Our subscription model allows you to rotate, or swing, your art, and if there is a piece you can’t let go of, buy it! With Image Swing, you can discover art, curated by experts, with no strings attached.



We are firm believers that art  has the power to inspire, promote creativity, and increase engagement. The art in lobbies, boardrooms, and shared spaces  portrays a brand’s vision and ethos. Whether you want to impress clients, attract talent, or stimulate employees, Image Swing’s corporate curation team is here to help. Our consultants work within your budget to create impactful and meaningful spaces. We offer flexible rental options, providing the opportunity to constantly refresh and recharge the atmosphere.


We appreciate beautiful spaces, the hard work it takes to create them and the importance of each and every detail. Our curators work directly with interior designers, architects, realtors, developers, and other industry experts to successfully meet your brief. Our flexible and customised approach, taking into account your clients timeline, budget and preferences, allows you to orchestrate your vision with artwork from our network of extremely talented emerging and established African Contemporary Artists. We offer short term rentals for spec staging, a subscription service, and the option to purchase. Art is not one size fits all and neither is Image Swing.